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LITTLE SKIPPER looks and runs like his Sire BIG SKIPPER. Unfortunately BIG SKIPPER died at a young age in the summer of 2006. LITTLE SKIPPER'S sire was only breed three times and produced some OUTSTANDING pups. I feel LITTLE SKIPPER will do the same. LITTLE SKIPPER is always one of the first dogs I grab. He is an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to (BIG MOUTH). I can always count on SKIPPER to jump a rabbit when rabbits are scarce and get that long check when you think the race is over. When Skipper barks the race is ON. Sipper also retrieves rabbits. This is a great line of dogs that throws allot of HUNT and GREAT CHECK dogs!!!! LITTLE SKIPPER has two wins toward grand in performance pack, and has three wins toward grand in hunting beagle.

Stud Fee $250...Neg. Brucellosis Required.

Skipper's Pedigree

                                                                             GRRCH, HOF, HOY GUNSMKOKE LIZARD CREEK TADPOLE
                                                                                     RCH GUNSMOKE BLACKJACK
                                                                                                      GUNSMOKE ABIGAYLE
                                                                       RCH TURKEY RIDGE SKIPPER
                                                                                                      GRRCH, HOF, HOY GUNSMOKE LIZARD CREEK TADPOLE
                                                                                     RCH GUNSMOKE ELI MAY
                                                                                                      HOF GUNSMOKE MIDNIGHT MOLLY
                                                                                                     FC SPEEDLINE UGG-E
                                                                                     OTTER CREEK JAY GEE
                                                                                                     SAX ON SLOUGH BLOOMERS
                                                                       BEAR MTNS BABE
                                                                                                    VIMY RIDGES BAD BOY
                                                                                    BABES LITTLE CADILLAC
                                                                                                     VIMY RIDGES BABE

PCH, HBCH Glomskis Little Skipper Videos

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