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Hit Man has thrown allot of good hounds, and in my opinion he is as good of a producer of rabbit dogs that is out there. He produces hounds as good and better than himself on a regular basis (that is the kind of stud dog I look for). Hit Man has sired dogs that have WINS in AKC MIDWEST, UKC HUNTING BEAGLE, UKC PERFORMANCE PACK, ARHA PROGRESSIVE PACK, and ARHA LITTLE PACK. It is amazing the consistency you see in his pups no matter what female he is breed to. HIT MAN STAMPS talent into his pups ( HUNT, LOCK ON ABILITY, STAMINA, GOOD NOSE, BRAINS).

Hit Man has been a talented hound from the day he started. I remember taking him out by himself at 7 months old and watched him circle rabbits time and time again with out a breakdown and make it look SO EASY. When he certified for Progressive Pack Grand Champion the first time the clock was stopped on his run time was more than 17 minutes after he jumped the rabbit. Hit Man puts that effortless running ability in his pups.

Hit Manis no longer at public stud. He will be used for personal use only. Hit Man pups will be available from time to time. Thanks to all who have breed to him in the past.

2003 North Regional Open Class Champion
2004 Pennsylvania State Hunt Reserve Champion Of Champions
2006 Indiana State Hunt Champion Of Grand Champions
2004 Champion Class HOY Top Ten
UKC Performance Pack Champion in 3 hunts. Two 1st and a 4th.
10 club hunt wins

Hit Man's Pedigree

                                                                             FC BIRCH LAKE TEXAS T
                                                                                     CEDAR HOLLOW IGOR
                                                                                                      CEDAR HOLLOW DIXIE
                                                                       FC NORTHTOWN FROSTY
                                                                                                      FC RIVERLAND WILSON
                                                                                     CEDAR HOLLOW OPAL
                                                                                                      CEDAR HOLLOW KELLY
                                                                                                     BRANKOS COPPER BOY
                                                                                     BRANKOS PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
                                                                                                     BRANKOS CONNA
                                                                       MUD RIVER LOTTA ANN
                                                                                                    FC SWIFTLINE CASEY
                                                                                    BRANKOS GENNA ANN
                                                                                                     BRANKOS DOUBLE ANN

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